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Poem- Compassion is a Funny Thing

A/N- I wrote this in the loft of my church listening to the sermon of that week… So, sorry if it isn't that great. But I still hope you enjoy it.


It's a strange thing.

Some may call it pity,

while others call it empathy.

But does anyone know the truth?

We humans have been on this earth

since time immorial

but we still don't have an answer.

I call it love of a stranger,

but that's just me.

Lives lost, lives found…

All impact each other

more than we probably realized.

One smile could stop a jumper-

One hug- save a life.

When you walk down the street,

who do you see?

Do you see happy couples strolling?

New families full of hope?

Elders being helped with directions?

Or do you see faceless

strangers- just a crowd of dolls?

Compassion is the color of society.

Without it, we would be sheep

without a shepherd- lost and alone.

Love is light, and light is good,

thus love is good.

So the next time you walk down the street-

Try to see people not as dolls,

but as loving, feeling, thinking people.

You'd be surprised at who you meet.

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Wow.... thanks! And the link leads me to some ad site about stocks.... But I'm glad you like the poem, and thank you for making my day with your comment!!!